Chat, Party and People in Spanish

You know you’ve really got the hang of a new language when you can understand it as it’s spoken on the street. This is true of Spanish but these words can be the hardest to pick up unless you visit Spain. So here we give you a little taster.

The Spanish love to talk. Anytime is a good time to stop on the street and have a chat. The Spanish word for chat is charla but someone who talks too much is a charlatán. They might also be a lata, which literally means tin can but also means a pain in the neck: ¡Que lata!

Say you’ve been invited to a party. That means you’ll be going to a panchanga or a movida, which is the slang word for party. There are lots of words for being drunk in Spanish. The most common word is borracho for a man and barracha for a woman. But there’s also bebido, piripi and tomado/a.

You might meet someone at the party who is a big mouth. You’d call him a bocacha. If you see a great looking guy, you’d call him a cachas or guapo while a good looking girl is a guapa. If the girl has a beautiful face, you say, ¡Que jeta!

You’ll meet other sorts of people at the party. For example, a besugo is an idiot; a cuentista is a gossip and cuartoojos is someone who wears glasses. Someone who has a great job is called enchufe, while literally means to have good connections. They might have lots of lana, the slang word for money. Another everyday word for money is pasta.

When you meet people at the party, you can say, ¿Que hay de nuevo? which means what’s new? If you meet one of your best friends at the party, you can refer to him as cuate, which means twin but is used affectionately to refer to a close friend.

If your friend has a new phone and you like it, youll call it chulo/a. If you dont like it, youll call it chungo/a, meaning not cool. In Spanish if you want to emphasis that something is really cool or really not cool, you can add the prefix re. For example, rechulo or rechungo or rebonita (really beautiful) or refuerte (really strong).

After youre party, you might be feeling a bit crudo, which literally means raw but also means hungover. Another word for hangover is resaca. Or you might feel agotado/a, which means to be completely drained.

Likewise if you go to the shop to buy milk and they dont have any, they say theres no milk, its agotado. Amuerado/a means to feel out it or dazed.

The Spanish word to talk a lot or to get involved with someone is the reflexive verb enrollarse. But they use the word un rollo to describe a relationship with another person. This can be a casual or a serious relationship, so the meaning will change depending on the context.

If the relationship you’re in is a marriage you can refer to your other half affectionately as mi media naranja, which literally means half an orange. Mi media naranja can mean husband or wife as it means my better half.