Top Travel Links – September

This month’s round-up includes sea foraging, Mexican food and the world’s greatest explorer


Let’s kick things off this month with a brief introduction to Wales – punctuated by some top cliff diving! Then, 5,500 miles away, this brief introduction to Shanghai – punctuated by some bright design ideas.

Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan… Italy’s cities are some of the most visited, and most beloved, in Europe. But this stunning video about Verona reminds us that Italy’s urban charms aren’t limited to the big four.

Sticking with the Guardian’s video series, here are some other rather brilliant September additions from both sides of the Atlantic: A Navajo tour of Monument Valley, Utah and Sea Foraging in Dorset, England.

And for those who like movies as much as traveling, it’s time you took a tour of Hobbiton, Middle Earth.


If you’ve never heard of ‘Lomography’, this is the best intro to the photography style you could wish for.

Elsewhere on the web, here’s a good example of a BBC slideshow celebrating a week across Africa, while here are two excellent National Geographic photo collections: World Wonders and World Heritage Sites. There’s also a rather lovely New York Times readers’ slideshow aptly entitled Why We Travel, along with a somewhat more professional contribution that enables you to discover Latin America Through A Lens. Plus there’s this lovely collection of photos detailing the varied traditional dishes of Brazilian street food.

Half photo slideshow, half comedy storytelling, here’s a selection of the best airline scams and scandals. And finally, for all you animal lovers, check out the winners at the British Wildlife Photography Awards.


As a summer of British cycling domination (a Tour de France winner, 34 Olympic and Paralympic medals) comes to a close, we’ve dusted off an early summer travel piece to illuminate the two-wheeled success.

Now, let’s go halfway around the world to celebrate the wonders of Latin America. The New York Times contributed much this month, with great features on driving in Guatemala, dining in Mexico and surfing in Chile, but these three are suitably supplemented by the LA Times’ Mexico-focused History Lives in the Yucatán, The Australian’s Brazil-based Day of the Jaguar and the BBC’s Peru piece Lima’s Arsty Enclave.

For intrepid types, there’s also this fascinating and inspiring BBC article about adventures still to be had. But we’ll end on a piece that’s more practical than inspirational: 21 New Airline Routes Launching Soon.

News & Events

October is set to be an interesting month on all seven continents. Europe boasts Ochi Day (Greece) and Bullfighting (Spain), North America offers Columbus Day (USA) and a Bavarian Festival (Canada), South America has The Feast of the Lord of Miracles (Peru) and a spot of International Rugby (Argentina), Asia has International Music Festivals (China) and Cinematic Celebrations (India), Africa has Epic Desert Races (Egypt) and Cultural Festivals (South Africa), Australia has Motor Shows (Australia) and Wine Festivals (Tasmania) and Antarctica has the opportunity to bump into one of the world’s great living explorers.

So wherever you are in the world, we trust you will have an October to remember!